Comment: The language of the content of the job posting.

Entity Relationship Représentation (ER Diagram)

Note: cette représentation n'est - pour l'heure - pas exacte car dépendante de cette issue

erDiagram CredentialType }o..o{ LocalizationInclusion : inLanguage JobDescriptionType }o..o{ LocalizationInclusion : inLanguage JobPostingType }o..o{ LocalizationInclusion : inLanguage QualifyingExperienceType }o..o{ LocalizationInclusion : inLanguage

Cette propriété est associée aux classes :

CredentialTypeEntity describing authoritative permission to hold a certain status or to do certain things, e.g. to practice some trade or profession.
JobDescriptionTypeEntity providing a statement of a job position generally including the formal job title, duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, reporting relationships and working conditions along with the knowledge, skills, abilities, education, qualifications, experience and other requirements for performing the job.
JobPostingTypeEntity describing an on-line advertisement for filling one or more job openings.
QualifyingExperienceTypeEntity describing verifiable work, education or training experience supporting a person's qualification to perform the tasks and responsibilities of a position. Note(s): A QualifyingExperience that results in the award of some form of credential should use the Credential class to describe that award.

Les valeurs pouvant être associées à cette propriété :

LocalizationInclusionCan be used for any entity to specify localization language code. - Build with love on open-souce tool `DashLod` - Contribute on Gitlab - Apache License, Version 2.0 - 2021 -> 2022