Comment: Provides the Identifier(s) of the document being communicated. Uniquely identifies a Document within an organization.

Entity Relationship Représentation (ER Diagram)

Note: cette représentation n'est - pour l'heure - pas exacte car dépendante de cette issue

erDiagram NounType }o..o{ IdentifierType : documentId

Cette propriété est associée aux classes :

NounTypeA common type that should be included at the top level of schemas.

Les valeurs pouvant être associées à cette propriété :

IdentifierTypeAn identifier is a character string used to uniquely identify one instance of an object within an identification scheme that is managed by an agency. Use this type when the list or values are controlled by an external entity, the list or values are public and could be referenced or validated. - Build with love on open-souce tool `DashLod` - Contribute on Gitlab - Apache License, Version 2.0 - 2021 -> 2022